KoreTransfer Solutions We partner with companies who see the value and the positive impact it can have on their shareholders by having a 3rd party administrator to their book of records. Governance, Transparency are cornerstones to us. KoreTransfer was created to be a different type of partner.
Record Keeping
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Shareholder Communications
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Mobile App
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Infrastructure of Trust Our purpose-built API Infrastructure supports Issuers, Marketplaces, Funding Platforms,
and ATS to meet the demands of a digital era, where record-keeping is not enough.
KoreApps KoreApps
Applications for companies, broker-dealers, transfer agents and stakeholders to manage all private capital markets activities.
Share Holders Share Holders
Individuals and legal entities that own securities of any type within a company.
Compliance Compliance
Facilitate compliance with securities law and corporate law across multiple jurisdictions.
Security Security
Authenticated access to data, minimizing fraud, preventing losses and facilitating recourse.
Digital Assets Digital Assets
Digital representations of real-world assets (securities, real estate, contracts) stored on the KoreChain.
KoreChain KoreChain
Permissioned blockchain built on industrial-strenght Hyperledger Fabric.
Governance Governance
Framework and mechanics for ensuring quality, safety, security and compliance.
Proof of Ownership Proof of Ownership
Framework and Mechanics for ensuring quality, safety, security and compliance.
Companies Companies
Private companies or unlisted issuers that need or have digital securities.
Privacy Privacy
Share data flexibly with multiple parties using full access right management.
KoreNodes KoreNodes
Nodes on the KoreChain owned by independent, regulated entities.
Global Ecosystem Global Ecosystem
Verified entities such as broker-dealers, secondary markets, operators, legal firms, auditors, investor relation firms, KYC/AML providers, marketing firms, etc.
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