API The private markets are growing at at rate 6x vs the public listed market.
Transfer Agent
  • Manage book of records
  • Manage Transfers
  • Manage Trades
  • K1 Reporting
  • Integrated with KoreNode Settlement
  • Integrated with Compliance Desk
  • Integrated with Cap Table
  • Integrated with Portfolio
  • Integrated with ATS
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The private markets are plagued with redundancy, no source of truth, the supplication of effort, and high costs. Private capital markets encounter a significant challenge of accumulating a multitude of disparate tools to address various organizational needs. The problem lies in the absence of a common data interchange format (CDIF), resulting in inconsistent data connectivity among these tools. Consequently, a fragmented communication landscape arises, where data remains segregated and locating a reliable source becomes arduous. KoreConX and KoreChain tackle this issue by introducing a comprehensive solution that addresses the multifaceted requirements of the private capital markets.
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